Delver v1.06 - Pathfinding Fix Update

Hey everyone! We have a fresh batch of bug fixes and new engine features. A big thank you to our community engine contributors, players, testers, and modders! ♥

Q. Does this have any gameplay changes?
A. Yes! Monsters now properly navigate the level. Arrows no longer go right through monsters. And bombs now have a chance to be lit when they drop.


  • Monsters pathing has been fixed and they will more intelligently navigate the level.
  • Bombs have chance to spawn lit. There was a bug that prevented this from happening.
  • Fix arrows passing through enemies when enemies are close to a wall.
  • Broken shaders will now show as magenta.
  • Cleaned up JSON of data files.
  • Fix npc/group entities not showing correctly in levels generated in editor.
  • Adding missing translation strings.
  • Fixing sprite scales when using scaled atlases.
  • Attached entities show correctly in editor.
  • Fixed cases where monsters with custom projectiles could shoot themselves.
  • Fix for not being able to select water surfaces in the editor.
  • Editor defaults to `.bin` extension when saving.
  • Editor hides selection outline when out-of-bounds.
  • Emissive shader emission driven correctly by alpha channel.
  • Pasting in editor places entity on floor.
  • Editor right click menu will close when it loses focus.
  • Fixed animated vertex shader for Mac.
  • Fixed crash when no texture atlas can be loaded.

Modding Changes

  • Editor can now generate levels from custom mod levels.
  • Items can be marked as pickup items and will behave like traditional FPS pickups.
  • Editor live reload now watches subdirectories.
  • Made halo configurable for MagicMissileProjectile.
  • Added an animation action that can spawn projectiles.
  • Put monsters in the right-click Entities menu for placement and visualization.
  • Editor supports copy + paste of plain text JSON.
  • Tile elevators.
  • Breakable entities can now be marked as pushable.
  • Physics force area entity.
  • Text entity re-written to support unicode.
  • Text entities can be triggered.
  • Entites are now rotated with ctrl + left/right arrow key.
  • Editor load legacy map formats are now behind a toggle.
  • Editor camera can now be panned with shift + right click.

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Delver for Windows 64-bit 168 MB
Version v1.06 Jan 11, 2021
Delver for MacOS 32-bit 299 MB
Version v1.06 Jan 11, 2021
Delver for Linux 171 MB
Version v1.06 Jan 11, 2021

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