Delver v1.05 - Maintenance Update

Hey everyone! The Delver release was pretty tiring, but I think we've finally...


It's been two years since release? Geez. During that time we released the Delver Engine as open source software (OSS) under the zlib license and have been working on fixes, performance improvements, and even new features. This release updates Delver to use the latest version of the open source Delver Engine.

Q. Does this have gameplay changes?
A. No. This update doesn't change Delver gameplay.

Q. Didn't you release v1.05 on like a month ago?
A. Sort of? It was a soft launch and more folks showed up that we anticipated. This is the real v1.05, we promise.


  • Improved mesh picking in editor.
  • Prevent player from repeatedly bouncing on spikes.
  • Fixed bug where dropped items would spin forever.
  • Fixed how hitscan guns select their targets.
  • Fix for platform discrepancies for setting cursor position in editor.
  • Dynamic lights in editor now respect whether lighting is enabled or not.
  • Fixing broken hotkeys after Ctrl+N to create a new level.
  • Don't show Mac editor shortcuts on non-Mac environments.
  • Fixed skybox placeholder texture showing for some levels.
  • Fixing some cases of static meshes not updating in the editor.
  • Fix flatten tiles and control points not refreshing.
  • Fixed simulation toggle camera.
  • Don't show upper walls for skyboxes in editor.
  • Fix incorrect X-axis movement in editor.
  • Don't make a dynamic light for the player if their torch color is black.
  • Fix for attack animations not resetting when done.
  • Fixed word wrap problem in tooltips.
  • Fix for static meshes not drawing sometimes.
  • Fix for the character and inventory screen buttons disappearing when interacted with.
  • Fixed position bug for teleport.
  • Adjusted the padding of UI elements to make sure they fit within the window when not in full-screen mode.
  • Fix for fire causing a crash if a particle emitter can't be spawned.
  • Fixing monster spawner check offset when looking for room to spawn.

Modding Changes

  • Basic Inkle Ink scripting language integration.
  • Textures can now be emissive. (Driven through alpha channel).
  • Added LevelSwapTrigger. Dynamically replace level geometry with triggers.
  • Added Elevator trigger. Dynamically raise and lower level geometry with triggers.
  • Player eye height and head bob are now properties on the player now ("eyeHeight", "headBobSpeed", and "headBobHeight" properties).
  • Wall textures can spread over multiple tiles. ("scale" property).
  • Texture atlases can use a different height scale now. ("rowScale" property).
  • Improved lighting for outdoor areas at higher graphics detail levels.
  • Upgraded to the latest version of libGdx.
  • Texture atlases can specify a shader by name now.
  • Support for working with larger levels in editor.
  • Added a live reload feature. Changes to assets will be detected and refreshed.
  • Support for hierarchical categories. No more crazy long right click menu. Use slashes for categories. ("Example/my/prefab")
  • You can scrub float values by their label.
  • Editor will prompt to save the level when dirty.
  • Added flood fill feature for painting tiles.
  • Lights in groups and prefabs preview correctly.
  • Editor camera can focus on current selection (press spacebar).
  • Editor camera can orbit around selection (ctrl + alt + drag right mouse).
  • Support for copy and paste between multiple editor windows.
  • UI has been reordered to a more standard layout.
  • Added a Gizmo system for drawing relevant info about entities.
  • File menu tracks recently opened files.
  • Delete key now actually deletes.
  • Fixes to surface painter.
  • Added shortcuts for move tiles up and down. (shift + Q and E).
  • Added shortcuts for moving selected tiles / entities (arrow keys with an active selection).
  • Correctly update lights when a light is deleted.
  • Add change texture option to right-click menu.
  • Escape button closes right-click menu.
  • Update camera controls to first person fly through.
  • Display Engine version on main menu screen.

If you want to join in on the fun, the Priority Interrupt Discord server is where you want to be.

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Version v1.05 Sep 18, 2020
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Version v1.05 Sep 18, 2020
Delver for Linux 171 MB
Version v1.05 Sep 18, 2020

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